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November is a script font published by vatesdesign.


November Script


I wanted to make a classy version of chancery cursive: a clean, elegant, calligraphic and readable font. It turned to be a 5 month project that i documented on my blog.

Originally, each letter was written with 2mm Leonardt 70 nib and then digitized. I put a lot of effort into it to make it a versatile font, retaining a lot of its calligraphic nature without being idiosyncratic mess of flourishes and off beat strokes.

November Script has stylistic alternatives for all of the capital letters and for many of the lowercase characters, full set of punctuation marks and some nice ligatures for tricky letter combinations. Since chancery cursive is a classic, the font will be good match for almost any task, like wedding invitations, menu cards, labels, poetry and even instagram overlays.

As bonus, an Adobe Illustrator file with 11 flourishes is included in the download.

Foundry vatesdesign
Price $35.00
Style Script
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
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