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Babetta is a display sans font family. This typeface has eight styles and was published by Viktor Nübel.

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Babetta is a display typeface that comes with some decorative typographical features. Alongside a set of arrows and flower icons, it also includes an alternative ›E‹, some special diacritic marks, a wavy ›S‹ and a series of ligatures. It features 5 weights, a special ›Neon‹ version and supports a wide range of Latin languages. This typographical tool box provides a large and playful variety of options for headlines and logotypes.

The initial inspiration for Babetta was an illuminated vintage shop sign—that of a famous bookstore in Berlin called Karl-Marx-Buchhandlung that dates back to the days of East Germany. During the course of the design process, this slightly shabby historical original was kissed by an Italian Art Deco beauty and has blossomed into a new typeface with its own special charm. The aim was not to preserve the original lettering, but to use it as a starting point for typographical exploration.

Foundry Viktor Nübel
Price $29.00
Style Display Sans
Licenses Desktop
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