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Designed by Pavel Korzhenko, Nurnberg is a blackletter font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by Vintage Voyage Design.


Nurnberg Thin


Nurnberg Light


Nurnberg Regular


Nurnberg Medium


Nurnberg Bold


Nurnberg Black


Nürnberg (Nuremberg in eng.)

New blackletter-sans font family in modern look with contrasts elements in six widths. Impressive style with non-typical Blackletter uppercases as alternates and normal Sans as standard. In the company with good-looking lowercases and their alternates you can get outstanding result for your project.

Six widths give you wide range of use. Massive Bold or Black will be really good in none-long magazine headlines, some logos or cafe/bar signs, menu’s or coffeeshops. Medium or Regular is for normally (not giant) text blocks or any of accented texts. Light and Thin are good in big pt. Short word forms or numerals is just awesome.

Foundry Vintage Voyage Design
Price $20.00
Style Blackletter
Designer Pavel Korzhenko
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad