Sandberg Honorarium

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Sandberg Honorarium is a display slab font published by Wordshape.



Sandberg Honorarium is inspired by the work of Dutch typographer Willem Sandberg. Sandberg frequently used large display lettering made from torn paper in his early compositions, and this typeface is an homage to his working method.

What was the inspiration for designing the font? I have always been inspired by the work of Willem Sandberg and wanted to pay homage to him through creating a typeface inspired by his work.
What are its main characteristics and features? Sandberg Honorarium is a distressed slab serif typeface created from torn paper that was scanned and digitized. It is a heavy display typeface.

Usage recommendations: Display type! Perfect for a range of uses- from music posters to editorial work to identity design.

Foundry Wordshape
Price $25.00
Style Display Slab
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad