Huy! Fonts is a type foundry run by Juanjo López, a graphic and type designer and letterpress printer based in Madrid, Spain. His love for vernacular lettering, old books and cheap printing fuels his interest in develope new type designs.


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Schotis Text  |  14 Styles starting at $35.00
Paquita Pro  |  3 Styles starting at $19.00
Adoquin  |  14 Styles starting at $20.00

Huy! Fonts is dedicated to the design and distribution of original and bespoke typefaces. Original designs are personal explorations greatly influenced by the impact of letters on our visual culture, from the work of the Renaissance punchcutters to the vynil signs of the local grocery store. In the design of bespoke fonts, the knowledge of the history of letters from a technical, aesthetic and cultural point of view allows us to find the solution that fits the customer's briefing. Juanjo López also works in lettering, signpainting and letterpress printing commissions for clients all over the world.


Juanjo López

Type Designer

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Schotis Display  |  14 Styles starting at $35.00
Graveur  |  59 Styles starting at $40.00
Pliego  |  10 Styles starting at $35.00
Ultramarina  |  1 Styles starting at $24.95

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Pichi  |  2 Styles starting at $19.00
Chiripa  |  1 Styles starting at $25.00
Xunga  |  15 Styles starting at $17.00
Bodoniez  |  6 Styles starting at $19.00