Mostardesign Type foundry is a European type foundry focused on type design and custom type design. The foundry produces high-quality fonts and can deliver font licenses for every project.

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Sofia Pro  |  17 Styles starting at $25.00 (1 free)
Sofia Pro Soft  |  8 Styles starting at $26.00
Filson Pro  |  16 Styles starting at $26.00

It was in 2004 that graphic designer Olivier Gourvat began experimenting with type design for use in his graphic design studio, Mostardesign Studio. With a focus on brand creation, custom type, illustration and advertising, his studio has worked on a wide variety of projects in the last two decades for clients across the world. With the creation of his first font, Visoko in 2009, Olivier's focus shifted to type design. “I use my work experience and my knowledge in the graphic design process to create unique and professional fonts to help designers and web designers create an effective communication for their projects,” he says. And it is with his past as a graphic designer in mind that he creates versatile type families like Sofia Pro, one of his best selling fonts to date. “I consider that the versatility of a font is the first step on the way to the success of a good global communication,” Olivier says. “A large family with a lot of different weights will convey a strong message to its audience while being easy to use on various media, whether print or digital.” Today, Mostardesign Type Foundry has an extensive and professional catalog with more than 400 fonts covering all the demands of graphic designers, web and UX designers and creative agencies for their projects and international communication.


Olivier Gourvat

Founder, Type Designer

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Natom Pro  |  21 Styles starting at $25.00
Archeron Pro  |  21 Styles starting at $25.00
Ariana Pro  |  18 Styles starting at $25.00 (1 free)
Marlon Pro  |  18 Styles starting at $25.00

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Interval Sans Pro  |  28 Styles starting at $26.00
Sofia Pro Condensed  |  16 Styles starting at $25.00
Metronic Pro  |  31 Styles starting at $25.00 (1 free)
Chronica Pro  |  20 Styles starting at $25.00