PintassilgoPrints is a digital type foundry based in Brazil. Since 2009 they develop successful display fonts trusted by talented creatives all over the world.


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Swung Note  |  1 Styles starting at $35.00
Chancellor  |  2 Styles starting at $10.00
Arca Family  |  2 Styles starting at $12.00

PintassilgoPrints was created by Erica & Ricardo, two people who love the sun and the ocean as much as they love type. Not surprisingly, the studio was born on one island and is now located on another island. PintassilgoPrints fonts are loaded with solar energy and positive vibrations, often reflecting a solid background in experimental printing processes and creatively exploring OpenType possibilities.

PintassilgoPrints Associates

Erica Jung

Type Designer

Ricardo Marcin

Type Designer

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Phantaztik  |  Introductory Offer - 30% off until Sep 17th!
Offhand Brush  |  1 Styles starting at $24.00
Devils Haircut  |  2 Styles starting at $24.00
Crayonize  |  2 Styles starting at $19.00

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Populaire  |  2 Styles starting at $29.00
Brush Up  |  2 Styles starting at $24.00
Sundowners  |  1 Styles starting at $29.00
Oyster  |  3 Styles starting at $9.00