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Marujo is a hand display, kids and dingbat font family. This typeface has eight styles and was published by PintassilgoPrints.


Marujo Fino


Marujo Regular


Marujo Dotface


Marujo Dots


Marujo Striped


Marujo Shadow 1


Marujo Shadow 2


Marujo Pictures


Marujo is a highly decorative typeface inspired by painted pieces of Arthur Bispo do Rosario, a striking Brazilian artist who lived for 50 years in a psychiatric institution.
Besides its spirited Regular and Light cuts, Marujo family brings nifty eye-catching variations adorned with dots and stripes. It also brings complementary fonts to spice things up even more: there are 2 shadow options and yet a picture font packed with doodles, mostly on nautical subjects (which are strongly present on Bispo do Rosario, a former seaman apprentice.)

Bispo do Rosario’s works employs a multitude of materials and are often very intricate. Words are everywhere, painted or embroidered at most. He produced a vast amount of works, and is now - posthumously - widely recognized in Brazilian art scene. The psychiatric institution in which he lived is now a museum dedicated exclusively to his work.

Marujo draws inspiration not only from Bispo’s works, but also from this man’s potency, a persistent man who produced amazing art locked in such a tough environment for a life-long.

Marujo fonts are positively adventurous and will safely navigate through a sea of feelings, reaching free spirits everywhere. To navigate is precise…