ROHH is a type foundry and graphic design studio founded by Roch Modrzejewski. The studio specializes in modern type design, graphic and web design. It is based in Cracow, Poland and works worldwide.

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Akwe Pro  |  164 Styles starting at $40.00
Xyngia  |  22 Styles starting at $40.00
Tosia  |  20 Styles starting at $40.00

ROHH Type Foundry delivers unique and versatile tools for creating beautiful typography, introducing modern technology, precision and meticulous attention to detail in a broad collection of typefaces. In addition to professional fonts, ROHH studio creates custom lettering for brands, as well as typographically elegant, clean and highly functional websites. ROHH Type Foundry's clients include: Sony, LG, Discovery, Givenchy, Danone, Meredith, Hachette, Simon & Schuster, Thames & Hudson, Infinite Dreams, Davis Agency.


Roch Modrzejewski


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Amfibia  |  100 Styles starting at $40.00
Qualion  |  30 Styles starting at $40.00
Qualion Text  |  20 Styles starting at $40.00
Paneuropa Retro  |  36 Styles starting at $40.00

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Aloe  |  18 Styles starting at $10.00
Qualion Round  |  20 Styles starting at $40.00
Bozon™  |  20 Styles starting at $40.00
Paneuropa Nova  |  22 Styles starting at $40.00