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Founded in 2008 by Anna Fahrmaier, Michael Hochleitner, and Thomas Gabriel, Typejockeys is a graphic and type design company based in Vienna, Austria that specializes in quality custom type, lettering, print design and digital media.

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Henriette  |  31 Styles starting at $80.00 (1 free)
Sauber Script  |  1 Style starting at $35.00

Typejockeys is a graphic design company and type foundry based in Vienna, Austria, established in 2008 by Anna Fahrmaier, Thomas Gabriel, and Michael Hochleitner. This dynamic group does a wide variety of branding and design services – from graphic design to lettering and type design. Typejockeys never planned solely to produce typefaces since their interest in typography extends in a lot of other directions as well. The disciplines in which they work include graphic design, type design, and lettering, which is a little bit in-between those two.

Typejockeys Associates

Michael Hochleitner

Graphic, Typeface Design & Lettering
Anna Fahrmair Profile Image

Anna Fahrmaier

Graphic and environmental design
Stephen Kirsch

Stephan Kirsch

Design & Illustration
Franziska Weitgruber

Franziska Weitgruber

Type Design

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Firelli  |  Introductory Offer - 20% off until Oct 15th!
Antonia  |  Introductory Offer - 50% off until Nov 10th!
Gretel Script  |  3 Styles starting at $30.00
Aniuk  |  5 Styles starting at $50.00

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Gretel Script  |  3 Styles starting at $30.00
Carabelle  |  1 Style starting at $35.00
Aniuk  |  5 Styles starting at $50.00
Freude  |  1 Style starting at $35.00