Johnny Pro

Johnny Pro is a retro font published by Canada Type.


Johnny Pro Regular


Johnny is the latest addition to the long line of popular psychedelic/hippy/funky art nouveau fonts representing the retro side of the Canada Type library. It is the digitization of a popular 1969 Phil Martin typeface that was known in film type by two different names: Harem and Margit.

The film type version had plenty of irregularities and quirks that made it seem like it was done in a hurry. In this digital version the errors have been corrected and the character set expanded to include international characters with built-in alternates, to be on par with what today’s layout artists expect from a high quality font.

This font saw a lot of use on record sleeves and music posters throughout the pre-disco part of the 1970s, which makes it a veteran of both the psychedelic and funk periods. This makes it the sharper, sturdier art nouveau contemporary personality of our other font, Tomato.

Foundry Canada Type
Price $25.00
Style Retro
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
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