Shango Chiseled

Shango Chiseled is a display sans font published by CastleType.


Shango Chiseled Regular


Based on the elegant and somewhat delicate Shàngó “Classic”, Shàngó™ Chiseled goes to the other extreme with a bold and emphatic design that maintains the beautiful classic proportions of F.H. Ernst Schneidler’s original titling typeface (1936), but adds a third dimension that suggests the ancient stone cut letters that were the source of Schneidler’s elegant design. Shàngó™ Chiseled is listed in the 2008 Honorable Mentions in the display category, as reviewed by Typographica.
Shàngó Chiseled is a member of the extended Shàngó family (Classic, Chiseled, Sans, Gothic).

Foundry CastleType
Price $59.00
Style Display Sans
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad

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