Right In The Kisser

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Right In The Kisser is a comic font family. This typeface has five styles and was published by Comicraft.



Right In The Kisser Italic


Right In The Kisser Bold



Right In The Kisser Smak


SECONDS OUT! ROUND ONE!  The champ comes out swinging, there’s a left hook, a right hook, another left, another left to the chin, a box to the ears, a punch to the stomach, the challenger is reeling, he’s on the ropes, there’s another left to the chin and here’s the knockout, RIGHT IN THE KISSER!

The Kisser. The Mouth. You know, what you kiss with? SMAK! It’s a font with a fat lip or one that makes you look like you’re talking’ with a fat lip. Or if you’re more of a lover than a fighter, it’s a big wet kiss from your loved one when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Either way, you win!

Foundry Comicraft
Price $19.00
Style Comic
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