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Designed by Tom Nikosey, Planetype is a display font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by CozyFonts Foundry.

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The Planetype Font Family is Modern. It has 6 Font Styles:
X-Light, Light, Medium, Inline, Bold, & X-Bold.
Each style has a consistent weight with a square serif of equal weight to its vertical and horizontal strokes.
Planetype™ for short or Planet-Type font styles all have extremely clean edges and are sharply defined.

There is a standard kerning applied, however evenly letterspacing these family members give a distinct personality and continues to command the negative space just as in tight kerned examples.

The compatible relationship of these font family members, weight to weight, and X-Light to X-Bold is seamless and the overall design coloring of words and sentences is well balanced and extremely legible.

The Planetype Family fonts are matching members glyph to glyph. This family works in modern, contemporary, and vintage settings.
The Planetype Medium matches the outer weight of Planetype Inline. There are several unique Glyphs that set the character of this family, such as:
Caps B, M, Q, R, X, and Lower Case a, e, k, r, z to begin with. The numerals and dingbats also have several unique glyphs that flow with the family
style in every matching weight.

These characteristics lend well in designing logos, brands, and even monograms. Starting with Planetype X-Light the designer has a command of the clean lines yet expressing Modernism and a touch
of Architectural structure.

Planetype Medium & Planetype Inline is a dynamic duo giving a positive/negative readability.
Planetype™ Font Family from CozyFonts Foundry for 2020.

Foundry CozyFonts Foundry
Price $20.00
ReleasedMay 20, 2020
Style Display
Designer Tom Nikosey
Licenses Desktop
Web Font