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Designed by Olcar Alcaide, Aretino is a serif font family. This typeface has seven styles and was published by Eurotypo.


Aretino Regular


Aretino Italic


Aretino Semi Bold


Aretino Semi Bold Italic


Aretino Bold


Aretino Bold Italic


Aretino Extra Bold


Pietro Aretino ( 1492 – 1556) Was an Italian author, playwright, poet, satirist and blackmailer, who wielded influence on contemporary art and politics. The most vigorous and versatile vernacular writer of the 16th century

He was a very versatile writer, famous for his Lascivious Sonnets – which caused great scandal at the time –  but also for his satirical verses, addressed to all the powerful people in Italy, without forgetting the many plays that he wrote for the theatre.
Part of the charm of his letters is that through them you may know the whole of Venetian society from the top to the bottom.

The little-known church of San Luca in Venice (in St Mark’s district) has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries for people who are decidedly not devout:  journalists, writers, free thinkers. In 1556 Pietro Aretino, a unique character of the Italian and Venetian Renaissance period was buried there.

Such strong of personality, has contributed to generate the powerful wind of change that emerged from the italian renaissance.
We have inspired on that talent searching for a new sight the famous Venetian typefaces. Probably looking for more contemporary style.

This typeface is slightly condensed, lighter and has more contrast between the thick and thin letter-strokes, it has concave bracketed serif. Their ascender and descenders strokes are very shorts.
Aretino family is completed by four weigh: Regular, SemiBold, Bold and ExtraBold, while Italics has three weighs.
These fonts came with a full OpenType features and CE languages.

Foundry Eurotypo
Price $24.00
Style Serif
Designer Olcar Alcaide
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad