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Designed by Robert Schenk, CloseTogether is a display font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by Ingrimayne Type.


CloseTogether Regular


CloseTogether Bold


CloseTogether Extra Bold


CloseTogether was designed to alternate convex and concave letter sets, with convex letters on the upper-case keys and concave shapes on the lower-case keys. The OpenType feature of contextual alternatives (calt) does this automatically. Individually some of the letter shapes are strange and unsightly. They have the shapes that they have so that they fit snuggly with adjacent letters. The family has three weights: regular, bold, and extrabold.
The letter spacing is set very tight and the user may want to loosen it by altering characters spacing. (Either the convex or concave set the letters can be used alone if the character spacing is adjusted.) The typeface has four OpenType stylistic sets of alternates, one for numbers and the others for letters D, T, and Y.

Foundry Ingrimayne Type
Price $7.00
ReleasedDecember 20, 2020
Style Display
Designer Robert Schenk
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad