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Designed by Robert Schenk, Snuggels is a display and novelty font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Ingrimayne Type.


Snuggels Light


Snuggels Regular


Snuggels Light Lower


Snuggels Lower


Snuggles began as a set of hexagons and hour-glass shapes that fit together. Letters were formed from these shapes with effort made to preserve as much as possible the original outlines. The result is two sets of letters that by themselves are awkward and misshapen and only look good when mixed together. The OpenType contextual alternatives (calt) feature automatically alternates the sets in computer programs that support this feature.
Snuggles-Lower replaces the letters of Snuggles-Regular with lower-case shapes, but without ascenders or descenders, and the results are jarring. Several of these lower-case shapes (D, N, T, W, and Y) are available as OpenType stylistic-set alternatives in the Snuggels-Regular font. Both Snuggels-Regular and Snuggels-Lower have light versions. Snuggels loves to be noticed so it likes to be large and it considers foolish anyone who would use it as body text.

Foundry Ingrimayne Type
Price $10.00
Styles Display, Novelty
Designer Robert Schenk
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad