Regional News JNL

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Designed by Jeff Levine, Regional News JNL is a display sans font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Jeff Levine Fonts.


Regional News JNL Regular


Regional News JNL Oblique


A roughened and worn version of Daily Tabloid JNL was originally created as a non-exclusive custom font for a client.

The design emulates the look of old letterpress wood type and has now been released commercially as Regional News JNL; available in both regular and oblique versions.

A special acknowledgement goes to Michael Hagemann of Font Mesa Fonts who partnered with Jeff Levine Fonts for the original project.  His creativity and skill resulted in the textured look needed for the typeface.

For some beautiful antique typefaces or fine text face collections, please visit Font Mesa Fonts.

Foundry Jeff Levine Fonts
Price $29.00
ReleasedJuly 5, 2022
Style Display Sans
Designer Jeff Levine
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad