Uptown Review JNL

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Designed by Jeff Levine, Uptown Review JNL is a display sans and art deco font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Jeff Levine Fonts.


Uptown Review JNL Regular


Uptown Review JNL Oblique


Cover art for the 1933 sheet music of Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler’s “Stormy Weather” (from the musical production ‘Cotton Club Parade’) listed the cast of the show in a condensed hand-lettered sans that typified the 1930s and the Art Deco era.  This served as the inspiration for Uptown Review JNL; available in both regular and oblique versions.

The Cotton Club was a whites-only nightclub which showcased black acts and was originally located on 145th Street in Harlem from 1923 to 1935, then existed for a short time in the New York theater district from 1936 to 1940.

After the Broadway incarnation of the club closed, its space was taken over by the Latin Quarter.

Foundry Jeff Levine Fonts
Price $29.00
Styles Art Deco, Display Sans
Designer Jeff Levine
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
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