Diploma Script

Designed by Marcelo Quiroz, Diploma Script is a dingbat and script font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by Latinotype.


Diploma Script Basic


Diploma Script Pro


Diploma Script Ornaments


Diploma Script was born from merging classic calligraphy and contemporary tools. The Copperplate style, which served as baseline for the development of the font, mixes harmoniously with brush pen drawing techniques that give Diploma Script a modern touch. The typeface provides elegance and legibility, while preserving characteristic shapes and strokes from the Copperplate style.

Diploma Script covers a wide range of uses ranging from titles, logotypes, invitation cards, certificates and labels to small-sized texts. The family comes with initial, medial and terminal alternates that allow user to emphasize specific words. Figures, fractions and symbols are also included.

Diploma Script includes a set containing more than 900 characters that support over 200 different languages.

Foundry Latinotype
Price $19.00
Styles Script, Dingbat
Designer Marcelo Quiroz
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad