Designed by Teo Tuominen, Wolby is a brush script and hand display font family. This typeface has eight styles and was published by LetterMaker.


Wolby Regular


Wolby Slanted


Wolby Bold


Wolby Slanted Bold


Wolby Block Fill


Wolby Block Outline


Wolby Block Shadow


Wolby Script


Wolby is a rough and organic hand drawn typefamily which draws inspiration from a variety of sources such as sign painting, hand lettering, comic books, cartoons, health food, sticks and stones to name a few. The letter shapes were all originally created by writing with a pointed brush. The use of one writing tool results in an aesthetical harmony between the very different styles making them all fit together.

The family consists of eight styles; upright and slanted caps in regular and bold, a layered block style in fill, outline and shadow styles and a lively script. Wolby is capapble of creating very different moods depending on which style you choose to highlight.

Because of it’s aesthetics, range of styles and extensive language support, Wolby is especially suitable for use in advertising, packaging design and gritty branding & fashion design.

When using the layered block styles you’ll get the best result by placing the shadow layer on the bottom, the fill in the middle and the outline layer on top. These can also be combined freely so you can use just shadow + fill, shadow + outline or fill + outline.

The script style is armed with a set of ligatures and swash capitals which allow you to supercharge your designs.

Foundry LetterMaker
Price $5.99
Fontspring Debut2020
Styles Brush Script, Hand Display
Designer Teo Tuominen
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad