Alianza Italic is a nine font, slab serif family by Corradine Fonts. Alianza Italic OpenType features include Oldstyle Figures and Standard Ligatures, has extensive latin language support and features multiple weights.

Foundry: Corradine Fonts follow
Price: $175.00
Style: Slab Serif
Licenses: desktop webfont ebook application

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Alianza Italic


A nine font family. This contains every font in the Alianza Italic Family.

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Standard Ligatures
Oldstyle Figures
Tabular Figures
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Foundry's Description

This font was specifically designed for use with Alianza Slab, Alianza Script, and Alianza Ornaments.

This is a complex typographic system which includes three different but complementary styles so far: Slab, italic and script, with nine weights each one; plus three sets of ornamental fonts: labels, negative labels and ornaments.

The soul of the family is a slab feeling applied judiciously to the italic and script styles to make it coherent with the whole system.

Each style has three sets of figures: Proportional lining, tabular lining and old style.

You can mix the three styles in a single piece to obtain more expressive results without worrying about the uniformity and complementing the design by using the ornamental sets.