P22 Marcel

P22 Marcel is a dingbat, script and display serif font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by P22 Type Foundry.


P22 Marcel Script Pro


P22 Marcel Script


P22 Marcel Caps


P22 Marcel Ornaments


P22 Marcel Euro Post One


P22 Marcel Euro Post Two


The font Marcel is named in honor of Marcel Heuzé, a Frenchman who was conscripted into labor during World War II. During the months Marcel was in Germany, he wrote letters to his beloved wife and daughters back home in rural France. Marcel’s letters contain rare first-person testimony of day-to-day survival within a labor camp, along with the most beautiful expressions of love imaginable. The letters — stained and scarred with censor marks — were the original source documents used by designer Carolyn Porter to create a script font that retains the expressive character of Marcel Heuzé’s original handwriting.

The result of years of research and design work, Marcel Script features more than 1300 glyphs. The font is a highly readable running script that includes textural details that capture the look of ink on paper. The font Marcel Caps is a hand-lettered titling face intended as a companion to the Script. Marcel EuroPost One and Two each feature more than 200 postmarks, cancellation and censor marks, and other embellishments found on historical letters and documents.

Foundry P22 Type Foundry
Price $24.95
Fontspring Debut2014
Styles Display Serif, Script, Dingbat
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad