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Designed by Natalia Vasilyeva, Deca Serif New is a serif font family. This typeface has eight styles and was published by ParaType.


Deca Serif New Regular


Deca Serif New Italic


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Deca Serif New Bold


Deca Serif New Bold Italic


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Deca Serif New is a significantly revised version of Deca Serif.

It is a pure low contrast serif face with squarish oval shapes and quite narrow proportions. The typeface is nicely readable in small sizes and can be recommended for scientific, legal, official and business documents.

Deca Serif New’s distinctions from the original Deca Serif are: slight corrections of the letterforms, extended character set (now including Greek and Extended Cyrillic) and a number of styles. Now there are 8 faces: four upright styles of different weight and corresponding italics.

Deca Serif New as well as Deca Serif is an ideal companion face for Deca SansDeca Sans.

The typeface was designed by Natalia Vasilyeva and released by Paratype in 2017.

Foundry ParaType
Price $30.00
Style Serif
Designer Natalia Vasilyeva
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad

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