Designed by PeGGO Fonts and Mauricio Brito, Universo is a display sans, sans serif and stencil font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by PeGGO Fonts.


Universo Thin


Universo Light


Universo Regular


Universo Bold


Universo Black


Universo Stencil


Universo and Universo Stencil by Mauro Andrés and Peggo Fonts is a display font family for “Caos Sagrado” specially designed for informative fanzine and magazines. Its name “Universo” comes from the quote “we have to talk about the horrible things of Universe” with the main idea of supporting and help to expose social problems.

Inspired on Retro-Futuristic fonts and poster design and old scientific publications that is becoming a new design trend nowadays, and strongly influenced by the Italian type designer Aldo Novarese’s work, developed in the 50’s.

“Universo CS” and “Universo CS Stencil” were produced between mid-September and October 2018 by Mauro Andrés under the creative direction of Victoria Rivas and those versions were publicly showed at “Impresionante” (a massive independent printing expo in Chile) with a printed specimen. That phase of the project was updated and completed in March 2019 and was lastly finished between November 2019 and April 7, 2020, developing it in six styles, under the co-production of Peggo Fonts.

“Universo” and “Universo Stencil” are both suitable for headlines and short text lines, music and concert posters, books and magazines covers, branding, logotype and graphic design. All stylistic alternates are accessible via OpenType features or character map.

Foundry PeGGO Fonts
Price $12.00
Styles Display Sans, Sans Serif, Stencil
Designers PeGGO Fonts, Mauricio Astete Brito
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad