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Designed by Phil Bracco, Friday Freak PB is a hand display and hand drawn font published by Pink Broccoli.

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Friday Freak PB Regular

$16.00 $8.00

Friday Freak PB is a font inspired by the titling from the 1976 Disney film, “Freaky Friday”. Celebrating the joy and playfulness of Disney, this font has a slightly clumsy yet fun stumble to it, adding to its personality and appeal. From its slightly weird weighting to a ligatures feature that will auto-shuffle all-caps and all-lowercase settings to have a mix of both, typesetting is kept lively.

Stir things up and get a little crazy with Friday Freak today!

Foundry Pink Broccoli
Price $8.00
ReleasedApril 27, 2021
Styles Hand Display, Hand Drawn
Designer Phil Bracco
Licenses Desktop
Web Font