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Designed by Ricardo Marcin and Erica Jung, Cordelia is a grunge, display sans and hand display font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by PintassilgoPrints.


Cordelia Regular


Cordelia Stone Regular


Cordelia Wood Regular


Impacting and vibrant, Cordelia family draws inspiration from covers of ‘​​cordel literature’, small booklets of popular story-poems that played an essential role on the folk-popular cultural life of Brazil.

Printed in coarse paper, usually with an woodcut illustration and lettering in the front, these booklets were sold on the streets, in marketplaces and town squares, hung in a cord - therefore the name ‘cordel’.

The work of these humble printers and poet-singers of northeastern Brazil strongly served as source for acclaimed romances and movies and still inspires writers of all genres, movie makers, painters​,​ musicians. And type designers too :)

Cordelia doesn’t bring a picture font yet, but ​it ​goes pretty well with Chronic and Manicuore illustrations. It goes well with and without them. It definitely goes well. You bet!

Foundry PintassilgoPrints
Price $20.00
Styles Display Sans, Grunge, Hand Display
Designers Ricardo Marcin, Erica Jung
Licenses Desktop
Web Font