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Designed by Craig Stainton, SB Pixelpaint is a pixel and dingbat font published by SelfBuild Type Foundry.

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SB Pixelpaint is the result of delving back into the early pre-history of computer-aided graphic design, a time of bitmap graphics, floppy disks and black and white monitors. SB Pixelpaint is a collection of pixellated dingbats, arrows and tile glyphs designed to be used as repeating pattern fills, taking inspiration from the earliest computer paint programs, such as MacPaint and MS Paint. These programs allowed users to select an area of the artwork to fill with a pre-defined pattern fill, and these programs often offered a range of patterns for the user to choose from: checkerboard, stripes, a tiled roof or even a brick wall effect perhaps? SB Pixelpaint includes some of these pixelated tiles so you can experience the joy of using these early paint programs, but with the added bonus of being able to overlay and combine them using colour and transparency. Many of the glyphs in this font are designed to be used as pattern fills by repeating the same character, but you can create any combination you like. SB Pixelpaint is optimised for use at 10px. You will also need to set the leading to 10px and make sure the tracking is set to zero. This font also features a range of pixel-friendly dingbats and arrows, so it is recommended to use your application’s glyph picker to view the full range of tiles and symbols.

Foundry SelfBuild Type Foundry
Price $10.00
Styles Pixel, Dingbat
Designer Craig Stainton
Licenses Desktop
Web Font