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Designed by Robert Slimbach and Ryoko Nishizuka, Ten Mincho is a serif font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Adobe.

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Ten Mincho is a Japanese typeface design from Adobe Originals, designed by Ryoko Nishizuka and useful for a broad range of settings, such as advertising copy, book titles, and headings. As a traditional Mincho-style design the strokes are slightly heavy and rounded, and exhibit smaller counter spaces.

Ten Mincho also features a full set of Latin glyphs, collectively known as Ten Oldstyle and designed by Robert Slimbach. This relatively feature-rich Latin subset includes OpenType features such as small caps and old-style figures. Finally, look for a small number of color emoji in an SVG table, some of which are accessible as alternates.

Foundry Adobe
Price $69.00
Style Serif
Designers Robert Slimbach, Ryoko Nishizuka
Licenses Desktop