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Designed by Tom Schmidt, SeriFractions is a dingbat font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Boover Software.

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SeriFractions Vertical

Only available in a collection.

SeriFractions Diagonal

Only available in a collection.

SansFractions and SeriFractions were created to fill a numerical void in the font world, the lack of fractions.

SansFractions is similar to Helvetica, and SeriFractions is similar to Times.  Each font has a full set of diagonal and vertical fractions for 1/2 through 8/9, and also 16ths and 32nds.

It also has a partial set of mathematical symbols, including the true multiply (x) symbol, which I’ve never seen in any font.  Most people just use a lowercase x.

Characters are contained on all four standard levels of the Macintosh keyboard (no modifier, shift, option, shift-option) and the no modifier and shift levels for Windows.  A key caps/character map sheet is included.

Foundry Boover Software
Price $29.99
Style Dingbat
Designer Tom Schmidt
Licenses Desktop
Web Font