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Designed by Dave Rowland, Gelato Luxe is a brush script font published by Schizotype Fonts.

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Back in 2011, Gelato Script was released, and soon became a best-seller. It has remained popular, appearing on everything from designer handbags to primetime TV shows; from food blogs to wedding invitations; from glossy magazines to (not so imaginatively!) ice cream shops.

All these years on, and it stuck me that there is much that could be improved on; there are certain glyphs that never quite felt right. So I decided to update Gelato Script, and this is the result, Gelato Luxe. What started as a simple update quickly spiralled into a total overhaul. There is not a single glyph in the new version that’s gone unchanged. The entire font has been tweaked and tinkered with and redrawn and respaced and rekerned to get it to this point. While I wanted to maintain the feel of Gelato Script, Gelato Luxe represents a massive leap in sophistication, with new alternates for smoother connections, and a totally new OpenType engine, with no fewer than seventeen stylistic sets.

Gelato Luxe is a truly versatile script font. You can effortlessly change the feel by playing with the many OpenType features. Make sure contextual alternates and standard ligatures are switched on, and it will work like a charm right out of the box. See the user guide in the gallery section for an explanation of all the features.

Foundry Eclectotype Fonts
Price $60.00
Style Brush Script
Designer Dave Rowland
Licenses Desktop
Web Font

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