Genki Desu

Designed by David Kerkhoff, Genki Desu is a hand display and kids font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Hanoded.


Genki Desu Regular


Genki Desu Italic


Genki Desu is one of those Japanese expressions that are used a lot and don’t really mean what you think they mean. You can use it as a greeting: O Genki Desu Ka? (お元気ですか - how are you), or to say you’re feeling fine (元気です - Genki Desu). The word Genki also means ‘energy’ or ‘vigor’. I am not an expert, in fact, there’s so much Japanese I can actually speak (shame on me), but Genki Desu is one of my favourites. Maybe just because it sounds so nice!

Genki Desu is a cartoon/kid’s font. It is happy, kawaii and full of Genki, so use it for any design that needs a bit of cute.

In the word of the great Yoda: ‘May the Genki be with you!’.

Foundry Hanoded
Price $15.00
Styles Hand Display, Kids
Designer David Kerkhoff
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad