Sing Along

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Designed by David Kerkhoff, Sing Along is a hand display and hand drawn font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Hanoded.


Sing Along Regular


Sing Along Italic


We just had the Eurovision Song Contest here in Holland. I quite like to watch it, as it is usually a freak show of kitsch, political incorrectness and often really bad music. But it is a laugh and this year was no different.

It inspired me to create this particular font with this particular name.
Sing Along is a happy, wobbly, kitschy font that comes with a bit of ‘over-the-topness’, a few personality issues and an unsteady gait. Needless to say, it is politically incorrect, but that, my friends, is not necessarily a bad thing.

Foundry Hanoded
Price $15.00
ReleasedJune 22, 2021
Styles Hand Display, Hand Drawn
Designer David Kerkhoff
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad