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Designed by Robert Schenk, EuroikaKamp is a display serif and serif font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Ingrimayne Type.


EuroikaKamp Regular


EuroikaKamp Italic


EuroikaKamp Bold


EuroikaKamp Bold Italic


In the 1990s Adobe’s MultipleMaster technology introduced interpolation into font-editing programs. Although the obvious use of interpolation was to create an unlimited number of weights and widths for a font, interpolation could also be used to blend two completely different typefaces. EuroikaKamp is the result of such blending, the offspring of two vastly different parents. Euroika is a crisp, clean family with considerable contrast. It has long, thin serifs. KampFriendship mimics a serifed face drawn by hand.

EuroikaCamp was originally constructed in 1995-6. It was not constructed to meet any specific purpose but out of curiosity, and the result is something of a curiosity. The original blending had many oddities that I did not clean up until 2020.

Foundry Ingrimayne Type
Price $5.00
Fontspring Debut2020
Styles Display Serif, Serif
Designer Robert Schenk
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad