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Mark Simonson is an independent type designer based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. In the past, he worked variously as a graphic designer, art director, lettering artist, and illustrator, all of which inform the design of his fonts.


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Mark Simonson didn't start out making fonts. It was a daydream that began when, while at college in the mid-seventies, he became aware that designing typefaces was a thing one could do. In the mid-nineties, Mark released his first few digital fonts to very modest success. But by 2005, he was making fonts full-time. It only took about thirty years, but he finally got his dream job. Mark likes to think that the years he spent as a designer usingfonts gives him an appreciation for what designers look for in a font. That fonts are tools for making things, not ends in themselves. He tries to make fonts that he would want to use himself, if only they existed.

Mark Simonson Studio

Mark Simonson

Type Designer

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