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Modernist type foundry producing award-winning fonts for brands, creatives and makers.

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Halcom  |  16 Styles starting at $39.00
Erbaum  |  7 Styles starting at $32.00
Stolzl  |  6 Styles starting at $32.00

Founded in 2006 by Jonathan Hill, The Northern Block is a collaborative type foundry internationally recognised for producing modernist fonts for brands, creatives and makers. The Northern Block's highly skilled and enthusiastic global team, designs and develops award-winning retail and custom typefaces, and is pushing forward the design of non-latin scripts, including Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew.

The Northern Block Associates

Jonathan Hill

Creative Director

Mariya Pigoulevskaya

Senior Type Designer

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Barnet Sans  |  Introductory Offer - 75% off until Dec 14th!
Jaqen Semi  |  12 Styles starting at $34.95
Corbert Wide  |  18 Styles starting at $39.00 (2 free)
Blom  |  12 Styles starting at $29.95

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Corbert  |  18 Styles starting at $39.00 (2 free)
Loew  |  16 Styles starting at $39.00 (1 free)
Planer  |  14 Styles starting at $29.00 (2 free)
Neusa  |  8 Styles starting at $29.00