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Discover elegant and modern fonts popularized by the Art Deco design movement of the 1920s and 30s.

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Showing 1-50 of 685 Results

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Art Deco fonts are characterized by geometric shapes and stylized letterforms. Art Deco typography tends to have tall letter forms, elongated closed counters and geometric proportions. The category of Art Deco style fonts range from clean sans serif fonts to stylized letters with intricate details, but they all convey a modern feel with a sophisticated twist.

The Art Deco movement of the early 20th century influenced all aspects of the visual arts and design, including graphic design & typography. Art deco emphasized fine craftsmanship and conveyed the luxury, glamour, and elegance of the “Roaring ’20s”.

Art Deco also emphasized modernity and technology, characterized by sleek forms and verticality. As the movement shifted from Europe in the 1920s to America in the 1930s the style shifted to further emphasize this and became less luxurious, giving us the two styles we associate with the Art Deco movement: the early traditional aesthetic (think “Great Gatsby Art Deco”) and the later “Streamline Moderne” style (think Miami Art Deco).

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Art Deco style fonts are the perfect font to add sophistication to luxury branding projects or elegant wedding invitations. The Art Deco aesthetic is also ideal for a “retro deco” art deco poster or for vintage retro branding reminiscent of cute french cafés.

Art deco typefaces are best used at large sizes as a display font where you can show off all the decorative accents, stylistic alternates, and quirky ligatures of the finely balanced font. Consider using Art Deco fonts for headlines in social media graphics, movie titles, packaging, logos, and branding.

Art Deco fonts are too decorative to be suitable for body copy and often only have uppercase letters or possibly small capitals. Fortunately an art deco font will pair well with a clean and modern sans serif font or classy serif with lowercase letters that can be used at small sizes while remaining legible. Pair an art deco font with gold textures and other elegant design assets for the complete Art Deco look.

An Art Deco font features geometric shapes and modernized letterforms, while Art Nouveau fonts feature sinuous, flowery, organic forms. Fontspring has both typeface types available for use on your desktop or as a web font.