The Sculptor

Designed by John Roshell, The Sculptor is a comic and hand display font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by Comicraft.


The Sculptor Regular


The Sculptor Bold


The Sculptor Heavy


In much the same way that the leading character in Scott McCloud’s first full-length graphic novel has given his life to art, Comicraft’s John ‘JG’ Roshell has given HIS life to sculpt a unique font to suit it. Well, not his LIFE, but at least a couple of days. However, unlike the eponymous hero of THE SCULPTOR, you don’t have to make a deal with Death to get your own copy of The Sculptor font! You too can letter anything with your bare hands! And a keyboard. And a computer. And some operating programs and software, obvs. Because creating anything is always going to be harder than you think, especially when you have only 200 days to live. Not you, The Sculptor. In all good bookstores now!

Three fonts (Regular, Bold & Heavy) with alternate uppercase characters. Includes Western European international characters.

Foundry Comicraft
Price $39.00
Styles Comic, Hand Display
Designer John Roshell
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad