Fontspring is proud to present the best fonts of 2017. From sleek sans serifs, to striking slab serifs, to fun display families, this list includes only the highest quality font families released this past year. Out of almost 2,000 families released on Fontspring in 2017, we whittled the list down to the 60 top fonts shown below.

Didonesque Poster


Paulo Goode | January 9, 2017

Paulo Goode shows a great reverence for didone fonts of the past with his photogenic Didonesque family. Make everything beautiful with high class and high contrast.


Aidos Poster

Ligature Inc | May 2017


Akkordeon Poster

Emtype Foundry | May 2017

Akwe Pro

Akwe Pro Poster

ROHH | July 2017

Ricardo Poster


Bureau Roffa | May 16, 2017

Ricardo is all about geometric simplicity, but it doesn’t sacrifice style in the process. Stylistic alternates and a set of curvy italics add some humanist flavor to an already eye-catching family.

Altitude Condensed

Altitude Condensed Poster

Tyler Finck | March 2017


Altivo Poster

Kostic Type Foundry | April 2017

Artegra Sans

Artegra Sans Poster

Artegra | March 2017

Harrison Serif Pro Poster

Harrison Serif Pro

TypeMates | July 5, 2017

This sturdy slab serif has quite the range. From sheer hairline to ultra black, its masculine bone structure holds up at any weight. With a stable physique and nuanced italics, Harrison Serif Pro is fully capable of flexing its muscles or just playing it cool and casual.

Bibliophile Script

Bibliophile Script Poster

Sudtipos | August 2017

Bruta Pro

Bruta Pro Poster

Ndiscover | September 2017

Bunday Sans

Bunday Sans Poster

Buntype | June 2017

Milliard Poster


Studio René Bieder | January 13, 2017

Milliard sets a new standard for clean and crisp sans. Ranging from elegant and open thin weights to athletic and powerful heavy weights, it’s a clear, unobtrusive mix of humanist and geometric elements.

Bw Glenn Slab

Bw Glenn Slab Poster

Branding With Type | January 2017

Calling Code

Calling Code Poster

Dharma Type | June 2017

Carrig Pro

Carrig Pro Poster

Paulo Goode | June 2017

Loyola Pro Poster

Loyola Pro

Rodrigo Typo | March 10, 2017

Rodrigo Typo has built a catalog of whimsical fonts and Loyola Pro is no exception. This elaborate set of comic layers and swirly ornaments is cute and playful but still plays by the rules enough to look great in a logo or title.


Comspot Poster

TypeMates | March 2017


Cormac Poster

Typedepot | January 2017


Ekamai Poster

Eclectotype Fonts | August 2017

Ulises Poster


W Type Foundry | March 8, 2017

This handsome modern slab looks equally good sitting in a corporate headline as it does filling the text of a cookbook. With a strong but gentle appeal, Ulises balances out its crisp corners with its friendly curves.


Farmhand Poster

Adam Ladd | August 2017


Floki Poster

LetterMaker | September 2017

Hatter Display Pro

Hatter Display Pro Poster

Rodrigo Typo | November 2017

Landa Poster


Sudtipos | August 15, 2017

Landa doesn’t shy away from its crunchy edges. On the contrary, it revels in its beautiful imperfections as if each letterform was plucked off a tree branch.

Hello Pretty

Hello Pretty Poster

Nicky Laatz | March 2017


Hypocrite Poster

ParaType | June 2017


Karu Poster

Fenotype | May 2017

Rival Sans Poster

Rival Sans

Mostardesign | August 25, 2017

Mostardesign’s Rival Sans hits all the right notes with its carved out angles and appealing curves. This 32 font family comes with plenty of width and weight options to remain clean, and reader-friendly in any format.

Letterpress Studio

Letterpress Studio Poster

Fenotype | July 2017


Limon Poster

Typesenses | May 2017

Magnetic Pro

Magnetic Pro Poster

Mostardesign | May 2017

Zing Rust Poster

Zing Rust

Fontfabric | October 3, 2017

Zing Rust is a glorious smorgasbord of over 500 fonts! (Yes, you read that right!) This grunge family has it all: various styles, icons, banners, catchwords and texture out the wazoo.


Mandrel Poster

Insigne Design | July 2017


Neftali Poster

TipoType | April 2017


Nikola Poster

Untype | December 2017

Croma Sans Poster

Croma Sans

Hoftype | March 28, 2017

For a linear sans, Croma is ambitious and distinct. With its angled endings, there’s an optimistic energy that resounds throughout this substantial 16 font family.

Nocturne Serif

Nocturne Serif Poster

MACHALSKI | March 2017


Pelago Poster

Adobe | August 2017

Pensum Display

Pensum Display Poster

TypeMates | September 2017

Odisseia Poster


Plau | December 13, 2016

Sometimes we all need a little space. Influenced by computerized futuristic technology, Odisseia is a beautiful monospaced family that is surprisingly versatile. Use it for coding that’s easy on the eyes, or incorporate it into a contemporary brand design.

Praho Pro

Praho Pro Poster

Maciej Włoczewski | February 2017


Proprietor Poster

Sudtipos | September 2017

Proxima Soft

Proxima Soft Poster

Mark Simonson Studio | January 2017

Rail Poster


Type Fleet | December 2, 2016

As its name suggests, Rail was designed as a conveyance mechanism to take our eyes from point A to point B in an ergonomic fashion. This serif family has been engineered with utmost precision to handle complex type projects, and stand the test of time.


Rival Poster

Mostardesign | January 2017


Roijer Poster

PeGGO Fonts | March 2017

Roster Brush

Roster Brush Poster

Fenotype | May 2017

Antarctican Poster


Dunwich Type Founders | September 19, 2017

This headline and monospace family demands attention at large sizes and remains very legible at small sizes. Just look at those super deep notches and striking asymmetric contrast.


Taro Poster

Dharma Type | June 2017

Tchig Mono

Tchig Mono Poster

Eclectotype Fonts | March 2017

Ten Oldstyle

Ten Oldstyle Poster

Adobe | November 2017

Kardinal Poster


Ani Dimitrova | March 10, 2017

Kardinal holds a lot of personality in a streamlined grotesque sans. Zoom in on it and you’ll find some subtle sloping serifs, strategic ink traps, and stylish italics. It’s the little details that set this one apart.


Town Poster

Jason Vandenberg | January 2017


Trenda Poster

Latinotype | January 2017

TT Norms® Pro

TT Norms® Pro Poster

Typetype | May 2017

Alisha Poster


Laura Worthington | May 12, 2017

Laura Worthington has designed Alisha to retain the distinctive look of custom lettering. With more than enough decorative swashes and alternates to captivate any reader, this script will leave you spellbound.


Turquoise Poster | April 2017


Urania Poster

Hoftype | September 2017


Xunga Poster

Huy!Fonts | September 2017

About this List:

By its very nature, a list like this is fairly subjective. What does “best fonts” actually mean? To get that answer, we started by analyzing sales figures for 2017. We included several font families primarily because they were a hit with customers...these are great looking families that also sold very well on our site. Other families were added to this list not because they necessarily sold as well, but because they were the epitome of what a typeface could be: gorgeous and painstakingly crafted by skilled designers.

And we had a lot of families to choose from. There were almost 2,000 families released on Fontspring this year, so whittling that list down required a lot of back and forth. In fact, we were shooting for a list of 50 top fonts and we couldn’t quite do it. But we had to draw the line somewhere, and what we ended up with was 60 fonts that cover the wide range of styles and classifications we feature on our site.